Saturday, November 23, 2013


Evelyn, my friend, came by to get help in adding her photos to a matching site that she is on. She and I sat down to do it, but Park was too riled up to let us work in peace. He brought me a jar of his medicine to refill the prescription and kept on interrupting us to talk about the tree. 
images (279×181)     I told him that I will take care of all the interactions with neighbors and the landlord, if I can ever find him. Park mumbled: "Sure, sure..." - looking for all the world like a toddler whose favorite toy was just removed from his grasp by a parent. 
images (96×66)     Comparing to Evelyn, I am a master of laptop! It took us awhile to do even simple operations on the computer because she needed a lot of help just looking for her cursor! It was OK, though, we had a good time laughing and having our cake and coffee. I made the cake from a mix out of a box, but added a surprise: Sonny and I crashed all the left over from Halloween lolly pops and put the little bright red and pink morsels into the cake batter. After the cake cooled down, the pieces  became semi-jellied or crunchy. Sonny didn't like it; he wants to taste cake when he eats cake - and not a lolly pop. Everyone else, including Evelyn and Patrick S. who came later, asked for seconds. And thirds! 
images (187×269)     

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