Saturday, November 23, 2013


images (260×194)     It was a really long day, wasn't it? In the midst of everything, I took my van to a car repair shop. As I came back (the shop couldn't take care of my car before Thanksgiving), Patrick S. was in my driveway talking with Park. They made friends, although I think, It's not going to last. 
images (359×141)
images (175×240)     Patrick is a professional...everything - and among that - a gifted car-mechanic and an experienced tree remover and fence-mender. When I told him all my troubles, he first demanded to know what was going on with my car and then opened the trunk of his van. Inside was the equipment to cut up and remove the tree! It turned out that Park already called him, and Patrick, who can never resist playing with his chainsaws, immediately loaded the said saws together with a wood-chipper and other mind-boggling machinery into the van and drove to my house. 
jpeg (135×90)     I had to tell him that there would be no sawing or chipping that day. I first had to get in touch with the landlord and the owner of the offending tree to see if his insurance can pay for everything. To sweeten the bitter pill I asked Patrick in for a cup of tea and some cake. We ended up spending another couple of hours at the table, talking, while Park tried to constantly pull attention to himself. He can't ever listen to another person speaking. Even at the church he keeps playing with his IPhone. It must've been a torture for him to hear us talk and not be able to monopolize that conversation!
     I'd better make this story short, because otherwise I will be stuck in November 22 forever! Patrick left, bemoaning the fact that he couldn't use his favorite chainsaw. It was 8 feet long: more than 1.5 of me! Life returned to normal. At least until tomorrow brings more adventures!

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