Friday, November 22, 2013



Patrick S. Stopped by.
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     Last night was a blustery night! Brunches and stuff were flying behind the sliding glass door to the backyard. Our front door began to bang in it's hinges and every so often I got up and went to see if someone was knocking on it. It was very loud too! Suddenly I became aware that something in the house was emitting a loud whistling tone. It was some doohickey that Taka attached to the computer. Apparently, it overloaded and was letting us know that. 
images (278×181)     I commenced bellowing for Sonny, who was vegetating in his room. It took awhile because he conveniently had his earphones in. After Park's and Roberta's startled faces appeared, forced from their room by the sheer volume of my voice, Sonny finally showed up. He found which appliance was whistling, turned it off and slinked back into his lair. 
     The TV was on and drowned the sounds of the gale outside. I managed to almost forget about it when there came a loud noise, both a moan and a crack. I was alarmed by it and did some more yelling for Sonny. All in vain - he probably made his IPod play louder and couldn't hear me. 
     Taka came from work in about an hour. I told him that either some tree broke in the backyard or the aliens have landed.

To be continued... 

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