Saturday, November 23, 2013


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    Where was I? Oh yeah, the aliens have landed... I mean, they didn't! Taka went out into the 
A real picture of the tree that fell on our
 fence. You can see where it broke off the trunk.
windy backyard and came back with a startling news: a huge tree from the neighbors' yard was uprooted by the high wind, cracked in half diagonally and the top half landed on our fence (smashing it), some fruit trees that Taka painstakingly has been growing for the last three years and another neighbor's fence (also smashing it). When the morning came, I could see for myself the devastation that it wrought.                       
   The person who took it the hardest was Park. You should've seen him running between the house and the tree on his stubby little legs, pushing Sonny out of the way to take pictures (it was actually Sonny's job). I was busy with taking care of Roberta when he came back and garbled out that he just talked to the neighbor. She is a tenant and was not at all responsible for our misfortune, and Park only managed to intimidate her unnecessarily.
jpeg (239×211)     When someone knocked on the door, it was Park who ran to open it. He stepped out on the porch to talk with a visitor, but I was aware of his propensity to make himself the center of attention even to the detriment of the purpose of the whole. I went to see, who came to see us. Park was talking with a Black man, another neighbor, who, obviously, thought that Park was the man of the house. 
     I learned to be pushy with Park. I stepped in front of him and directed the conversation toward finding out how to contact the landlord. The man looked confused at first, faced with the necessity to talk with this plump, short lady instead of a man, but quickly recovered and ended up offering his help in cUtting the tree up and getting rid of it. He didn't know the landlord's phone number though!

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