Thursday, November 28, 2013


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     I am sending HAPPY THANKS-HA-GI-NUKAH-VING e-cards. Get it? This year Thanksgiving and Hanukah fall on the same day. Unfortunately, they are both overlooked because of the beginning Christmas craze. Don't take me wrong, I love Christmas, but I think, especially this year, the merchants of every kind are desperate to make their point with us: "BUY, BUY, BUY!!!" - and a lot of money from us. It's OK, they are - us - the business owners who try to survive in the terrible economy. It is up to us, therefore, to keep our cool and a correct perspective on things. 
     Today we are invited to the friends' house. I made a double amount of the Charlotte - an apple "pake". What is a "pake", you ask me? Sorry, today I am allowed some Jewish accent! 
I made this!
A "pake" is a mix of two things, just like THANKS-HA-GI-NUKAH-VING is. It's a pie and a cake with apples in it. Without actually letting you try some (and, believe me, I would like to do it) it's hard to explain. The texture is lighter and a tiny bit firmer than a cake, because there is so little batter that goes on top of the apples. The guests of honor, apples themselves, are plump and not as soft as in a pie. I also add cranberries to make it more interesting. Sometimes, if I don't have enough apples, I put a sliced banana in. It makes my "pake" a tad sweeter. I should add that a term "pake" comes from a TV program called: Drop Dead Diva.
     Taka is watching a series of lecture, I presume, for his job. Time to time a combination of his tiredness and the lecturers' heave Indian or Russian accents wins over Taka's determination to keep on top of the new information, and he doses off. 

jpeg (210×240)     Last night was the Wednesday night, and I was supposed to go to an Al Anon meeting. Mr. P. had a very hard week due to the ugly politics at the previous meeting, as he told us, and decided to start a new meeting to get away from the back-biters. So, Doris and I drove to a cafe that was going to be a place to meet for the first night, only to find it closed because of the coming Thanksgiving. We got in touch with Mr. P., picked him up and went to a Burger King nearby, instead. It was completely empty, except for the staff, and we felt free to speak about our lives and feelings.
jpeg (225×225)     It was a curious meeting. Doris usually has no problem talking one on one about most of the things, but in public she can't open her mouth. Last night she really broke through! I, on the other hand, who am able to talk freely in private or in public, had this painful rock in my chest all the while that I shared, like there was something inside that wanted to come out but couldn't. That's it, I have an emotional constipation!
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     After we concluded the meeting, we got some small burgers, fries and drinks and kept on talking and laughing. Mr. P. recently gave his talk at the Community of Faith breakfast at my church. Many members asked to see him professionally. That is a very good news. Perhaps, people are looking not only to better their lives, but also to face their feelings about our movement. 
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     So, except for a tiny moment when I upset Mr. P. by my suggestion that Bible is open to interpretation, we had a good time. Doris and I went home, but spent another hour or so talking in the car. Sonny called me and asked: "Mom, are you coming home? It's 12 o'clock!" Opps! Time flies! 

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