Tuesday, November 5, 2013


     A day started slowly and then gained momentum. I knew that I had an eye doctor appointment at 3 and nothing more. That's why when Park asked me if Roberta had any appointments, I began to say "NO", until I saw Roberta emphatically nodding her head behind Park's back
                                               100px-Nodding_gesture.gif (100×149)
So, I said something like:
"N-yes! She has to go see a new Physical Therapist!" 

     Park didn't give up on his idea of going to the park. He made his favorite wraps again and dragged despairing Roberta to the car. I had an hour and a half of peace and quiet until the front door opened, Park came in and announced: "We met Patrick S., he came home with us!" 
     Patrick S. is a church member who lives nearby and repaired Park's car on Sunday. I was sitting in my very old house dress
                                                                     il_170x135.516928637_ov9i.jpg (170×135)
 in front of the laptop, so for me an idea of a strange man suddenly seeing me in such a state of undress was as welcome as a swarm of bees in my oatmeal!
     After all, it turned out to be OK. Patrick said that his wife often walks around the house in her nightgown. I appreciated his good tact, but wanted to strangle Park for his lack of decorum.
     I grabbed Roberta, whose eyes lit up at the prospect of spending some time without Park's posturing and admonishments, got in the car and took Sonny to the BART station. Then she and I began to think, how to use our free time.
                                                     jpeg (130×113)
    The reprieve didn't last long at all. A church secretary called and asked me to help with some data entering at the office. I promised her before that I will find time to do it, so now the question about where to go was solved. 
                                                                                                  jpeg (169×125)

    Not that I enjoyed it very much, but at least Roberta got to go somewhere where she could laugh and interact with people   .4people_sunset_theader.jpg (241×253)
     We did some other things and errands. We picked up Sonny when he came back from college, went to eat Hawaiian Food
                                                   jpeg (172×90)

and came back home. Park was still out with Patrick! Patrick, probably thinks that he found a new great friend, until Park's claws come out and he shows his true nature. But for now - we were happy that he was gone for a while! 
     He came back soon after that with a whole bunch of stories about Patrick S., his big house, his many cars and all the things that Park envied. He immediately began to cook. I was marinating some chicken, so he took a few pieces, as well as - you guessed it - a wrap that Sonny had to eat for lunch but didn't. Roberta was too "chicken"
                                      jpeg (72×72) to tell him that she already ate. She had another dinner. I could see that her feeling of well-being rapidly turned into a stomach ache. Poor lady!


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