Wednesday, November 20, 2013


My favorite picture of Sonny
     Sonny is a younger brother to Hanah. He was born late in a year, in November, so he was always one of the youngest kids in class.
Sonny is born

Despite that and being hen-pecked by his older sister, he was pretty popular in school and found good friends in every school that he attended. 
     Sonny's real name is Sungjoon. His grandparents couldn't pronounce it,
though they tried. In their interpretation, his name began to sound so weird that we gave in and gave him a nick-name - Sonny. I think it really fits him, because he is closer to us, his parents, than Hanah  and softer in character. 
Hanah and Sonny
     Sonny and Hanah were also very close when they were growing up. In fact, sometimes they seemed like twins. Hanah is a Jewish Japanese American Princess, who established her leadership between them from the very beginning. Sonny doesn't seem to mind that. He always defends and abets her. I really appreciate that loyalty in him, even when he would not side with me against his older sister!
     After finishing the High School Sonny decided to apply to a few California Universities. His real goal was to get into Berkeley U. It didn't happen. He was accepted to a less prestigious school, but decoded to persist in his quest for Berkeley. Now he goes to a Community College in Berkeley that has a program of transfer into his coveted Berkeley U.
542320_10150845881425784_1339028190_a.jpg (105×165)     Most of all what I want to say about Sonny is that he is a great man. I pray every day that he will become a great husband and father.   

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