Tuesday, January 28, 2014


    Hanah was wondering. After moving to a new apartment, and because it was still comparatively clean  of her usual clutter, she noticed some strange things. She found her laptop that she often used before falling asleep, in the mornings sitting on a tiny table area in the kitchen instead of by her bedside. Sometimes, there would be notes written in an unfamiliar handwriting. Her roommate came home one night and found her feverishly typing on keyboard. She totally ignored him, and the next morning denied all knowledge of the last night's encounter. "I am loosing it!" - Hanah thought in anguish - "They told me, this can happen to the fourth year students. I'd better go to the mental health website to learn some relaxation techniques!" 
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     No matter, how much Hanah listened to the soothing nature sounds or the words of wisdom and encouragement, eerie occurrences continued to happen. She started to make herself wake up suddenly every hour or so at night, finding herself in the wrong places: in the kitchen instead of the bed, on the roof of her building next to some strange devices, and one time even in a wrong part of town, where she had to look for a bus to get back home. 
     Tonight, she jerked awake long after the midnight. At least, that's what she thought the time should be. She was sitting on a mountainous crag, overlooking a dismal valley. Mist shrouded the details of the view, - in fact, the whole color scheme was wrong, -but she was pretty sure that she saw alien kind of dwellings and fantastic shapes of the trees. Low flying aircraft in a light blue sky also didn't look like anything that she saw in her life: some of it hovered smoothly, the transparent tops revealing odd looking pilots. Some zoomed past Hanah's perch on the hill at amazing speed. She looked at herself in wonder: she wore a warrior's garb! A sound from behind her made her turn. A huge man stood there! He punched her in the chin, and she blacked out, to wake up in her own bed the next morning, as if nothing happened. Except, her chin swelled and looked hideous!
     Hanah went to a Student Health Center where she asked to speak with a psychologist. The man listened to her for half an hour, then asked her to start over, as he began to hurriedly type her tale into his word processor. Hanah had a sneaking suspicion that, he was doing it to record some material for his book! Hanah never met with him again, even though he called her a few times, asking to come back.
Yeah, suspicious like that!
     Poor Hanah was at her wits' end! Not sleeping at night meant that she fell asleep  at lectures during the day. Her roommate, Shea, began to look at her with a mixture of pity and suspicion. More and more often he saw her doing strange things and acting like her evil twin. Hanah knew that, very soon he will ask her to move out. One day he came home and his trusty old lap top lay smashed on the floor of his room. Shea confronted Hanah, who swore that she didn't know anything about it!
     Close to Hanah's birthday, her mother and Sonny came to visit. They brought Chicky with them.Her mom didn't like the way Shea looked at and talked about her daughter. She could tell that something was wrong. Sonny listened to Hanah's and Shea's stories about her behavior, said nothing, but later that day Hanah saw him standing on the roof of the building, where she once woke up,
holding Chicken Bone, with a very worried expression on his face.
     He and mom stayed in a small motel down the street. Sonny convinced Hanah to take a sleeping pill that her psychologist prescribed, and at eleven she was peacefully snoring in her bed.
     Joon sat in a dark corner of Hanah's room. He knew that, soon he will meet his nemesis, ePocalypsa, again.
     He knew that it was not Hanah facing him because of the sheer loathing that he read on ePo's face. He didn't have a lot of time to think it over, though, because she appeared into the world and swung at him with all her considerable might. He fell back with the chair, then, in the same movement, rolled along the wall and came up on the opposite end of the room from her. ePocalypsa was already in motion: she grabbed a taser from her belt and sent the hooks flying at Joon. They hit him in the chest. He stood trembling, caught in the electrical current for a few moments, then fell down heavily. 
     ePo couldn't believe her eyes! The elusive enemy, seemingly impervious to any of her earlier attempts to defeat him, was now helpless, lying at her feet. She laughed madly, then ran to the kitchen to grab a knife to kill him.
     The door opened suddenly and Shea walked in. He took in Sonny's prostrate figure on the carpet and Hanah just coming back with a knife and screamed. He was a tall man, six feet and a half, but his scream was shrill like a siren and very loud. It penetrated Hanah's drug induced sleep, and she awoke. She stumbled, then righted herself and stood leaning on a kitchen counter and looking stupidly at a knife in her hand and Sonny on the floor. "What is this?" Then, to Shea: "What are you doing?"
     Shea didn't answer. He gasped a few times for air and ran out of the apartment. Sonny stirred, sat up and said: "Aw, what's that in my chest?! What the heck are you doing with that knife?" Then - into the phone: "Operator, my sister has gone bonkers!"

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