Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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wheelchair_rolling_lg_wht.gif (130×130)wheelchair_rolling_lg_wht.gif (130×130)     Park disappeared! Since 5 o'clock this morning, I heard his voice first from behind the closed door of his and Roberta's room, then - droning on and on about the reason why he got upset at Katya and her brother. Although, it would've been easier to be silent or agree with him, I told him straight,  that there was no reason to interfere in kids' play and, especially, to frighten them by yelling. He, somehow, thought that I would see his side of the story - that he didn't want the wheelchair to break, and they needed to ask him before using it. One or two problems with that: the chair is not his but Roberta's, and I was watching and didn't think that there was any danger of breaking it or anything else. I told him that it was not acceptable to scream at a six year old boy. 
     Park, as we said in Russia, swished his tail and banged the door shut behind himself. Roberta followed him there, but in half an hour she blew out of there, visibly steamed about something. I got it out of her that, he kept picking on her, criticizing every little thing that she did. When she went to bathroom, he began to moan that the smell from it was horrendous. He says that his poop doesn't smell as bad.             MqlZq.gif (500×216)     What do you think? To me it sounds like he is chipping  away at her self-esteem in order to build up his own ego!
     Park walked up to Roberta and me sitting in the living room and announced: "She doesn't like my food! Would you cook for her, please?" I answered: "With pleasure!"
     I called Roberta to come with us on a shoe buying outing. Rather than listening to Park or stay at home by herself, she did.
    As  Hanah and I went into the shoe store, Roberta stayed in the car. We were able to find a pair of black sneakers and went home.
     In the house everything was quiet. I made dinner. Roberta came out into the kitchen after a while and told me that Park left. She shattered my hopes that it was forever, by adding that he didn't take any clothes with him. She said that she'll lock the sliding door that leads right into their room from outside, and her door that leads into their room from inside the house. Park can only get into the house through it's front door, but wouldn't be able to enter their room. Well, it means that I will be the one facing him. What in the world will I say to him? He'll be furious! 
     Just now, I heard the sliding door in Roberta's room open! I knocked, Park answered (he got in somehow) - and I asked Roberta if everything was alright. She said that, he'll, probably, spend the night there. Park's voice carries, and we could hear him berating Roberta for a long time. Will he get a message that she doesn't want him here? I doubt it! We are up for some stormy weather!
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