Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lily Myers - "Shrinking Women" (CUPSI 2013)

     I am a big woman. I am short, but big. In Russia I heard an expression once: "She is easier to jump over than to go around."  That's me. I never learned to control my portions or choose dishes without carbs. I was always encouraged to express myself, so what this lovely young poetess is saying doesn't really apply to me. But my many sisters, the wives and mothers and daughters in the world know exactly what she is talking about! Haven't we come far enough for men to show appreciation to women and for women to respect and appreciate the men? Like Mr. P. says, 96% of the world's population are co-dependent. We are taught to avoid conflict or to seem like we dissent from ruling opinions or moods in our families, communities, churches and the society in general. We comply and die inside, shrink into ourselves from denying our SELVES. So, maybe, the words of this woman do apply to me: haven't I put away my own judgement to preserve peace in the family, even when that same situation, not resolved because of my lack of fortitude, would arise again soon. To make sure, I still think that one should first think of a larger purpose. It's the question of balance: how my person can grow and be uplifted together with my family or society through our mutual love and cooperation.

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