Wednesday, January 22, 2014


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 I am at sea in a world of uncertainty. 

tumblr_m6e38llpLI1rp62eq.gif (500×251)     Hanah texted that she arrived to her city, but I don't know, if her 6'7'' (tall) friend met her and helped to bring her stuff to their apartment a mile away from the bus stop. She and he are renting a studio together. My hackles went up, when I heard that she is sleeping in the same room with an unknown man, but Hanah said that, he is gay, and there is nothing untoward going on between them. Should I trust my instincts that, - gay or nor - a man would take notice of a young girl who lives in close proximity to him? Should I trust the popular opinion that she will mean nothing to him in a sexual sense? I wouldn't be able to make her move or change her mind! All I can do is trust that her common sense will win, and she'll know if something is amiss in his attitude before... I don't even want to finish this sentence!
     All is not quiet on the local front either (see what I did there? So clever, Dina!). I am helping to get a new meeting place for my Al Anon group. It seemed so simple, when I volunteered to make some phone calls! I quickly found a school district that was willing to rent us a room for a token price. All we need to do, is to show them the Certificate of Insurance. For $1,000,000! Gulp! At first, I thought: "Forget that!" Then Mr. P. told me that, Al Anon supplies that kind of insurance to it's groups. "Great! - I thought - "It is simple, afterwords!" As I call this person and that, it becomes more and more apparent that, nothing is simple! We, or more precisely, the leader of our group, Mr. P, should fill out forms and file them with the Al Anon organization, and, maybe, they will then provide the Certificate of Insurance. Simple? I think - not!
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     Sonny went to his first day of the spring semester. I many times before tried to talk to him about, how much of a chance he has to transfer into Berkeley University. Finally, today he opened up and admitted that: 
images (160×240)1. He might not have enough credits to transfer and, 
2. He is not sure if he wants to go to Berkeley U. 
     Well, this he told me and his dad a few times. I hope, that Taka will see reason and deal well with Sonny going to another place of higher learning. Still, until everything is in the open and decided upon, I have an uncomfortable feeling of anxiety eating at my soul. 
     Should I apply the things that I learned from Mr. P. and Al Anon to this situation? I can't change these circumstances, but I can choose how I react to them. I also should give up trying to manage everything in my children's lives. They are adults, they want to be treated like adults, so they need to make their own choices and deal with consequences! 
     Simple solution? I think - not!
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