Sunday, January 12, 2014


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     I wasn't going to do a lot today, but it just turned out to be a busy day. Park left early: he volunteers at a church nearby and gets some free vegetables from their food bank in return. We don't need it, but, as they say in Russia: "Whatever a child plays with - is OK, at least it doesn't cry!" 
     I came to visit with Roberta in the morning. She laid in her bed all tucked in, innocent and helpless looking. That lady, actually, has an iron will, so when she looks like that, I know, I have to watch out!
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This, actually,
looks remarkably like Park!
     She told me that Park is super jealous of the money that I get for taking care of her. He insinuated himself into our - mine and hers - arrangement, where she pays us just $300 for room, food, electricity, driving her everywhere and gas. There is much more, but it's beside the point! Park came here and decided that he will do part of the job and get paid for it. He doesn't pay us for anything! He lives here as a favor to Roberta, who gives us a check for $300 every month! He just mooches off of her and expects us to roll over and also give him money! 
     But I am off on a tangent! She and I talked about Park and his motifs for such a strange behavior. I keep forgetting that she is a very capable manipulator and knows how to push different people's buttons. She doesn't want to tell Park straight, that he should leave. She tries to get me to do it! I am not afraid, but he keeps coming back!
tumblr_m1f1trULlO1qm2xu4o1_500.gif (500×355)      I took care of Roberta's needs and checked my e-mails. Sonny came out. I grabbed him and we went shopping for the week. It too turned out to be an adventure, because I forgot to withdraw money from the ATM before going to the store! After walking around for forty minutes and standing in the check out line, I realized that I had no way to pay for the groceries! Sonny and I had to drive in a hurry      to bank, get money and go back to the store, hoping that they didn't put all the items that we chose already back on the shelves. We were on time, got our stuff, brought it home. Here I was assaulted by a bunch of hungry hyenas, namely, Hanah, Taka and Roberta (at least, I get paid for feeding her!). I quickly put together a lunch for them and then looked at the time and gasped: Mary waited for me at the pool! We made an arrangement the day before to meet there. I still had to check Roberta's blood pressure and give her pills and water. Mary managed to use the stationary bicycle and swim for a while, before I showed up at the gym. 
jpeg (265×119)     Since she already exercised for some time, we only walked the pool lane for thirty minutes, as opposed to the usual 45 minutes to an hour. We went to the Starbucks, though, to reward ourselves for being so conscientious. 
     After coming home, I wrote for a bit and began to feel very sleepy. In fact, I dozed off in the middle of typing something. I got up to go and lie down for a while, but on the way I noticed that: 
a) Sonny didn't do his chores and
b) It was time to make dinner!
washing dishes.gif (143×169)     I raised some noise in regards to Sonny's procrastinating ways. He came out, went to the sink and began to wash dishes. Unfortunately, almost as soon as he washed, I used them for cooking and put them back in the sink! He whined some, but stuck to his responsibility. After all, he is 19 now and needs to earn his keep!
jpeg (225×225)     Mary and I, actually, talked about our kids needing to find jobs or some other way to spend their time except playing video games. I think that, we should send them to Africa or South America to work in the Peace Corps! That will show them, what the world is like, and how to get around in it!
     I's been a few hours since my dinner has been eaten (it took all of 5-10 minutes to disappear in the stomachs of my family and Roberta). I am back at the computer, talking with my sister on Skype, checking e-mails and Facebook. Sunday is almost over. Tomorrow is a working day. Like I had a lot of rest today!

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