Sunday, January 5, 2014


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   I got up at 5-something in the morning. Ideas for Shelter brewed and fizzed in my head. I typed and thought and typed some more, until the story was finished for this day, at least. It took me some time to understand that I was tremendously tired. To bed, then! 
- "What time is it?" - I asked my husband when I woke up.
- "Ten." - he replied.
     Everything was quiet in the house. I went to look in on Roberta and found her alone, sitting on her bed, watching a football game. She, to my amazement, is a sports' buff and can't live without them. I was still so drowsy from sleep that I didn't check her blood pressure or do our morning routine for another half an hour or so. 
     There was nothing going on, kids were asleep, Taka worked. I began to make a brunch and bake a cake from a box. God bless someone, who invented the cake mixes!
- "Dina, Dina!" - I thought that I heard my name called, but because of the loud fan in the kitchen I wasn't sure. Here it was again! I ran to Roberta's room and found her gasping for breath! "I can't breathe!" - she said. 
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     That was a stuff of my nightmares. I raised the head of her bed and began to dig for Nitroglycerin left over from my dad. One tiny bottle was empty, another - empty. Finally, there was a sound of little pills rattling in the third bottle. I gave one to Roberta. She lay there - very limp. I checked her blood pressure again: it was not too bad. She began to breathe easier. I hovered over her, feeling helpless to aid her. 
     What was I to do? She felt better. Should I call the ambulance? Take her to the Emergency Room myself? Wait and see if the shortness of breath will return and then take action? 
     She told me that we should wait and see. All day I've been checking up on her, but there was no more troubling symptoms.
     I am still listening to the sounds from her room. Park is back from wherever he went, but it doesn't make me feel better. He would try to fix her condition without telling me about it and he is an idiot when it comes to medicine!

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