Friday, January 17, 2014


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 There was a painful lump in my throat! My eyes refused to open to face a new day. I rubbed them 'til they gave up the fight. The world was slowly spinning... No, I am not writing another science fiction story! This is how this day greeted me. At my attempt to get off the bed, the walls of the room seemed to make a violent turn. I felt nauseous. Cold sweat erupted all over my body. Sometimes I get dizzy, so I waited for the fit to subside. It did get a little better, but - not much. I felt that if I don't get to bathroom quickly, I'll throw up on the floor of my bedroom, so I gathered all my courage and, holding to the walls, made a way to the toilet bowl. 
     I felt like there were no bones in my body. At the same time, everything ached. I took care of business and almost crawled to the promised land: the bed. 
tumblr_mj5i5snojN1s410g9o1_500.gif (500×330)     My husband, who was fully aware of my discomfort, lay on his side with his eyes closed and a blissful smile on his face. My moans didn't make any difference: today is his day off, and he is determined to enjoy it to the fullest. I am used to it, but it still stings. "You should take vitamin C." - he pronounced, still smiling, undoubtedly, celebrating the fact that he was not the one who got sick. 
     I growled something back at him and tried to make myself comfortable. Fortunately, I soon fell asleep. Even though the un-yielding demands of the family and my concern for Roberta interrupted my dreams, I kept on staying in bed. 
planner.jpg (203×104)     Mr. P.! I suddenly remembered that I had an appointment with him this afternoon! Not only that, but he depended on me to bring him from one city to another to meet with his other clients. Knowing how much he detests people cancelling on him, I didn't look forward to talking to my therapist. He didn't answer his phone. I left a couple of messages explaining my situation. If it was a flu that I had, it would be wiser for me to stay away from anyone. Some people already died of flu in this area, and I hoped that Mr. P. would see it my way.
     Taka got up and tried to urge me to go out with him and the kids. He wanted to spend time together, because Hanah will have to leave for college tomorrow or the day after. I opened my eyes and looking at him cynically said: "Vacations should be scheduled in advance!" That's what he told me, when I wanted to go and pick up Hanah at her city, where she goes to college, to bring her home for a vacation! Taka knew, why I responded that way. He wrinkled his nose and made some cynical noises himself. "Anyway" - I said - "I'm too sick to go out." 
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Looking at this picture
makes me so dizzy!
     While I was lying down, the dizziness almost abated and I felt better. I tried to get up to see my family off, but immediately
 realized that it was too soon. I yelled for Sonny to make Roberta a sandwich for lunch and for Hanah to make me some toast. 
     Sonny is more compassionate. He already asked me if I needed something. Hanah took some persuading, but she, finally, sullenly handed me a plate with toast. She is behaving that way because she is not happy to go out with dad without me running interference.
881187.gif (320×240)     They soon left. I feel OK while sitting and leaning back on the pillow. As soon as I try to straighten up, the dizziness returns. It's not as bad as in the morning, but - still there. At least, I don't have any other symptoms to suggest that I have a flu. That would be really bad for the whole family!
     So, I've got to get up now and make myself that ginger-lemon-honey concoction that I swear by when someone else is sick. I'll be alright then, you'll see!

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