Sunday, January 26, 2014


     Taka is sick. Cold, - I think, - and cough. We bought honey for him, but the only thing that a little Mexican shop near us had, was a tiny round bottle of honey with a piece of honeycomb inside. At first, Taka liked the idea of eating something so authentic. Then parts of the honeycomb began to fall off and get in his teeth. Now he is trying to empty the bottle into another container - without the offending wax in it!

     Roberta is also sick. It's her gall bladder. I offered her all kinds of healthy and nutritious foods, but she said that she was not hungry. Then - Park came back from helping at the food bank in a church nearby. Apparently, the church is Black, and they want to attract other people to their services. They offered Park to take home anything he wanted from the food bank. The troll took a ton of food! Ten tuna cans, ten peanut butter jars, many pounds of apples! He wants to bring some of it to a church where he is directing a choir. 
     He immediately began to stick stuff into Roberta's hands, that was guaranteed to give her indigestion: spicy almonds, vegetable chips (whatever that is), pop tarts even! He dismissed my protests by saying: "It's alright, she can eat this!"  

     Roberta responded by secretly shoving the spicy almonds into my hand! What a life she chooses for herself: always has to sneak behind Park's back instead of confronting him with truth!

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