Wednesday, January 8, 2014


jpeg (259×194)     I am getting a concentrated dose of Kaiser ineptitude. Everything that happened to me there before and scarred me for a good part of my life, (well, at least annoyed the bloody heck out of me) also occurred in these last few visits there. 
     Since they forgot Hanah in the waiting room yesterday, I brought her back today. It turned out that, they forgot to tell us that, the test will take place in a different office! As we schlepped there, I prayed that nothing else will go wrong. 
images (150×150)     I guess, I was supposed to learn something from all that, because things kept happening. The nurse made Hanah blow into this 
Hanah in the medical office
electronically enhanced thingamajiggy ten times, only to tell us that it should've not been so many times, and now the test was inadmissible: we had to go to a whole other lab. 
     When I tried to pick up my medications, the pharmacist told me that they were not ordered. I had a conversation about them with my doctor's nurse, she told me to pick them up, but - they were not there! In other words, I wasted three more hours of my and Hanah's life in fruitless pursiut of care at Kaiser Permanente!
                                               tumblr_inline_myn2eww5nu1rvq4mj.gif (250×190)
     The funny thing is, as I was writing about it all, my acquaintance called to ask if Kaiser was a good insurance. She, certainly, got an earful! 

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  1. Life is our spiritual practice. I know it is hard, but It may be that God is wanting you to exercise your patience, forebearance and grace.