Saturday, January 25, 2014


     For a few days - nothing to tell you. I've been just mired in the routine of my days. I don't like routine. Get depressed, when there is nothing interesting knocking on my door and gets my blood flowing faster.
   One thing that gets my blood flowing faster is a good fight with Park. We had one of those yesterday. I'm not entirely sure, if he is alone to blame for it. A minute after our spat, I saw this thing on Facebook. It said: Before you speak, think: Do I need to say this? Do I want to say this? What effect will it have on my environment? Something like that. I wish, I saw it before picking a fight with Park!
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This is what it, actually, said.
     Roberta, Park's common law wife, of whom I take care (he came later, laying his claim on her, as if she is a property), is not feeling well. She and I had to go somewhere two days ago. We got in the car, I pulled out of the parking. She, in a conversational tone of voice, said to me: "Could you pull in here?" It was the next door neighbor's curb. I did. Roberta opened her door. I asked: "What do you need, Roberta?" See, I thought that her seat 
belt got stuck in the car's door. She, very calmly, answered: "To throw up." And she did! This still continues: she throws up every day. She has a gall bladder problem, and doctor told her a year ago that, she needs an operation to remove it. She, totally, blocks it from her memory. Even though, time to time,I reminded her about it, she again didn't realize, why she could have this problem with her stomach! 
     So, she stays home. I feel bad about leaving her when I have an appointment or want to see a friend, but, fortunately, Park is always there to make me feel like running away from my own home!
tumblr_mw20ltzkvU1qf9g01o10_500.gif (500×220)     Today is Saturday. Taka came home early yesterday: he got a cold. I went into my 'Jewish wife' mode: drove to the store and bought ginger, lemons and honey, made him a potion to drink for his cough. Cooked chicken broth with noodles, as my mom taught me; made stew with meatballs (that - for Sonny, who amid all that activity was left hungry). Taka came out of the bedroom, got on my nerves almost immediately, ate everything in sight, all the while claiming that he didn't have any appetite. It's a-a-m-a-zing, how much he can eat and not gain an ounce! I don't know why I am amazed: it's obvious that there is no justice in the world! 
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