Thursday, January 23, 2014


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     My husband has a very original mindset. Like this cat-burglar here, he thinks outside the box, and the results, usually, are highly interesting and satisfying. The small tree that you see on the right was a Christmas present given to me by Sveta, the Little Red Headed Monster's mother. By the way, she had a baby boy!
     The tree stood on our dining table for a week or so. What future could it have? I am a very forgetful waterer: no green thumb, whatsoever! The tree would've died an inglorious, thirsty death. 
     Since we didn't have a real Christmas Tree this year, I took some shiny bows for presents and decorated the potted plant on the table. It looked passably like a holiday also because it had sparkles glued to the ends of it's branches. When Taka decided to give the tiny plant a chance, he took it, as it was, with sparkles and shiny bows as well, and placed it in the ground in front of our house. And there it is now: cute and fuzzy, the bows arranged in a neat little pile before it! 

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