Friday, May 30, 2014


     Reina is here! 
     We went to the airport with Sonny and Roberta to pick her up . Taka, her uncle, said that he is too busy at work and can't take off even for a few hours. 
     So, we printed Reina's name in Japanese on pieces of paper and stood by the doors, where lucky visitors to the U.S. exit into the airport lobby.
1002658_739466399427218_1956150573_n.jpg (405×540)
Reina is on the right.
     Reina is a small young lady of the same age as Hanah. I expected her to be a little bit heftier, I guess! She is very polite, quick-witted and pleasant. Her English is not that bad: she understands almost everything that we talk about!
    As we came home, we showed Reina her room and the amenities. Roberta took initiative and told my niece that she can use the bathroom in her room also. A couple of hours after her 
arrival, I and Roberta began our bad influence. We invited her for a Poker game! She was very fast in learning everything about it and
Alas, the smallest pile of winnings is mine!
won a few hands. We laughed and played until Taka came home. Then he took us to a Vietnamese restaurant. Since we already went to a crepes' place earlier that day, I and Sonny didn't feel very hungry. Sonny hardly had any of his Pho soup, and I ate only half of my cold vermicelli with pork. Roberta surprised me: she declared that she could eat and polished off most of her food!

jpeg (200×150)     On the way back we stopped and got a strawberry pie. As I told Roberta, "Good luck losing weight with this sort of diet!" 
     At home, Reina went here and there, looking for something. I hope, she will feel comfortable telling us what she needs.

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