Sunday, May 18, 2014


     How old. How tall. One's gender. Get on the scales and get depressed. 
     I quit my diet to have a chance to get rid of gout, but gout is there and I didn't lose any weight these couple of weeks. I didn't gain any either, and that's a relief!
images (159×318)     Today Lera and I went shopping. Among other things we bought scales and, upon coming home, set them and got weighed. That's when I felt down. Apparently, I am more than twice Sonny's weight! I am not going to go into other reasons, why my weight upset me. 
     A-a-a-anyway, on a lighter note... I have a theory that, it's my family's fortune that makes us susceptible to all kinds of strange occurrences. Things happen to us that would never happen to other people...
     Lera walked into a 99 cents Store, swearing that all she will buy there will be some cups and paper plates. I first stood parked right by the entrance, but as the security officer frowned and shook his finger at me, I moved to another place. Time passes slowly when someone shops and you wait for them in the parking lot. Still, she was taking so long! I moved the car back images (240×204)to the entrance, afraid that Lera would, somehow, go looking for me and we'd get lost. Half an hour more passed. She, finally, showed up and got in the car. I said: "You must've bought a lot of cups!" - and she dissolved into an embarrassed laughter.
     As she squeezed the words out, I began to laugh too. 
     Lera found the cups and a few more things to buy. She already paid and checked out, when she remembered the paper plates. She asked a clerk, where they were, left her cart with bought groceries and went away for a few minutes. When she came back, the clerk already took things from Lera's cart to be put back on the shelves! 
     Fortunately, Lera kept her receipt and was able to prove that she paid! Now, tell me if you think that, something like that could happen to you!
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