Monday, May 19, 2014


     The day before Lera leaves for Denmark.

     Curry is cooking on the stove, rice is made. I dispatched Sonny to the store (again! It seems like we constantly need something!), and am trying to remember, what else I am supposed to do. 
     I can't get rid of the feeling that I am missing something. Or, - something is amiss. Is that normal? I should be at peace: Lera has done a lot to take care of me and my home. Just having her here is wonderful, she is my only remaining family, except for Taka and the kids. Taka is more of a boss than a husband, and the kids' agenda at this point in their lives is themselves. So Lera is the only xaemBMV.gif (500×281)  person in the whole world that can be there for me, when I need her. Is that normal?! I guess, some people have noone. I should be very grateful!
     Roberta recently took me to her room and asked to close the door, before starting to speak. She told me that, she expressed to Park a wish that they see each other at least once a week. It stemmed from a humiliation that she suffered, when people at the church were asking her, what he was doing, and she could not answer them. Park agreed and promised to come on Friday evening. Roberta made sure that her door from the street was opened, tidied up her little room; even made him a cup of tea. He didn't show up. It's been a few days, and he never called or came to explain his behavior. 
liam-crying-o.gif (320×180)
     I am trying to be sensitive to her feelings. No matter if they are genuine love or just a desire to belong, she is entitled to them. I only feel bad for her: to depend for comfort on someone of Park's flaky nature - at her age!
Lera and Roberta at the restaurant table
     In the morning Lera and I discovered that all of my dishes were dirty. I am still suffering from gout, and she didn't feel like washing a mountain of crockery first thing in the morning, so she took us to eat breakfast at a local restaurant! She spent a fortune on us during her visit! 
     I took pictures. Sonny, as usual, tried to resist

(I have a collection of the photos of his hand), but submitted to Lera taking a shot of him.

                                           Then - two!


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