Thursday, May 15, 2014


A couple more days in pictures.
Tulips opened on the dining room's table and let us see their fiery hearts.

We went to visit my parents's graves in Colma. I was so glad that my sister was with me: I seem to feel stronger and stronger the grief of mom's and dad's passing.

That little city has at least four-five cemeteries. The saddest  is a military one: so many grave markers, unrecognizable one from another. I took a picture of it through my car window.

At night, Roberta made a visit to the living room, where Lera and I were watching TV and eating some candy. We shared our treats and were delighted to see the pretty ribbon from the candy box decorate Roberta's gray hair!

Chickie helped me make turkey meat balls. He oversaw the process, 
although at the end, I think, he realized that we will not let him sample the meat.

Today Lera colored my hair. This is an early phase of the process.

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