Tuesday, May 13, 2014


     Another early morning. 
     I have a lot of heavy misgivings on my mind. Most of them are in regards to my Weight Management Program. My doctor wrote to me that, because I keep getting gout attacks, he thinks, I should transition out of the program. What does it mean? The rest of the people are going to transition to adding real food to bars and shakes that we've been using for nutrition, anyway! Are they trying to get rid of some of us, just as the crucial information is about to be shared? Now is the time to absorb new ways of living: eating and exercising the way that will ensure that, the money, pain, effort and our hopes were not misplaced in following this Program, and that we can keep the lost weight off. 
     I need your prayers and good thoughts! Part of me wants to quit: that's not new, I'm an accomplished quitter. Part of me wants to see, if I can make a new person out of myself. Part of me is laughing at that possibility even as I write about it!

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