Monday, May 12, 2014


What we did these past two days:

     Went to celebrate Mother's Day in Sushi Boat restaurant with Taka, Lera, Sonny and Roberta. Taka behaved like he would rather be somewhere else and waived us off to have a picture without him.

Phooie, we had nice food and didn't mind him.

Everyone slept when we came home. 

At night, Lera and I opened a box of See's Candy given to me by Roberta and had just a couple of them each. You can see Lera here sporting a pink rubber ribbon with a beautiful flower that used to be on the box.

Today I took Roberta to Physical Therapy. I love the building in which it's office is located. It's surrounded by silver birches, Russian favorite trees.

We shopped (Beauty Supply store, a pharmacy to buy hair coloring, ladies' clothing store).

On the way home we went to a new cafe in Hayward. 

We sat at the table, drunk our coffees and gabbed. 
Good time - all around!

Came home and slept. Chickie showed us the best method and an attitude for it!

Sylvie was his best contender.

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