Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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That's Reina in front of the picture.
       Minus two days until Reina, Taka's niece from Japan, arrives to the U.S. I am in a kind of a limbo, sure that the state of the house and our preparations are not adequate, but also not sure, what I can do about it. I am still very limited in my abilities to work physically, and pushing Sonny to do everything seems just unfair. Although, why can't he make an effort on behalf of his family and mom?!
b6ee7661-34e1-42cf-8408-192577296e05.jpg (980×459)     Today, around one o'clock, the phone rang. It was Mr. P. "Dina," - he said - "I have a surprise for you!" I was excited to hear that he wanted to invite myself and some other of his clients and members of his Al Anon group to a ritzy Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, to celebrate his birthday! 
     The plan was to get there together in one or two cars, listen to jazz in the Laurel Hall of the hotel,                                                                                                                9b09f993-6935-4b68-850f-12d4256f161e.jpg (980×459)                                                                                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                                    13ffa1e3-0c07-452d-8081-d2a59f774075.jpg (980×459)                                                                                                                                                       and then go for a hamburger in some nice place in Downtown San Francisco. 
     I was excited, yes, ... and frightened! He called me just a couple of hours before we were supposed to meet, and I needed to make dinner, get a gift, take shower and find something appropriate to wear. Fairmont Hotel is a place where rich folks go: it wouldn't do to visit it in my everyday's clothes!
     After discussing things with Doris, my confusion didn't abate. I quickly cooked miso soup, salmon and potatoes for dinner, dragged Sonny out of his room and made him start Bisseling carpet in the living room's corner, which the cats decided to turn into an alternate litter box for themselves. He is still about it even now!
     I called a bike store in Alameda and purchased a gift certificate there for Mr. P. He is an avid bike rider and will find something to use that certificate for. 
     What to wear? I was trying to wrap my mind around that question, when Taka e-mailed me. My problems with getting ready for a fun filled evening were over: at eight o'clock tonight my sister-in-law from Japan, whose daughter will will come to stay with us in a few days, will be calling on Skype to talk over some details. 
     Mr. P., if you'll be reading this post, don't read this next part! I am very grateful to be included in the invitation and realize, how wonderful this opportunity to break the usual monotony of my days is. I, probably, should have just told Taka that I have something else to do this evening and go to Fairmont, but, even disregarding my duties as a wife and a hostess, I felt relieved that I didn't have to leave my comfort zone! Stupid, huh?!
     Sorry, Mr. P.! The fact is: I can't miss that talk with my sister-in-law. If it was only for my fear of stepping out into the glitzy world, I would've overcome it and gone to San Francisco. As it is, I have an additional reason to stay home. 
     When will such a chance present itself to me again? 

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