Sunday, May 25, 2014


     I and Roberta decided to have breakfast at Starbucks. Well, it was more like I deciding it, and Roberta going along!
jpeg (275×183)     We had a nice cup of coffee, then I had to go to the bank's ATM to get money for 
images (300×168)grocery shopping. We drove up to the bank's drive-through. We were talking and laughing, and so I didn't right away realize that, there was a problem. People in a car in front of us didn't seem to be doing anything about using ATM. They, or rather a woman in the driver's seat, were talking! In a few minutes, she put her card in, turned back to her partner and started talking to him again. She would push one button or another and take a long break for a conversation. 
     I waited, then used my horn. The woman shouted back: "I have a sick child in the car! I need to get money for gas!" That didn't explain, why she was using ATM drive-through for a place to have a talk, and I yelled back: "It's OK, I just wanted to see if everything was alright!"
2vu.gif (265×149)     The man got out of the car and began walking toward us. I didn't know, what to expect. Will he attack us for honking at them? Does he need help? It was a tense moment!
     The Latino man came to my window. He told us that, his wife was mentally ill, and he needed help. Can he, please, have my phone number? You can imagine the thoughts that were running through my mind! Is it a scam? Is he just at the end of his rope and asks help from the first person that he sees? 
     As I was sitting there, blinking at him and deciding, what to do, his wife came over too. She said in an agitated voice that, her boy was sick and the husband ("who refuses to pay for anything!" - as she put it) needed to get in the car for them to leave. Her eyes were  unfocused and strangely whirling in their sockets. The man replied to her that, we were some people that he knew, and, as I wrote my number, told me (to cover the real reason why he talked to us): "I will send you the estimate soon, OK?" 
     You might think, I am making it up... I assure you that I am not! Things like that just keep happening to me, that's all!
     The man and his wife drove away. I finished my transaction and went to the store. On the way, I told Roberta that, we are lucky people! It could be so much worse: we could have something crazy like that in our lives! She wholeheartedly agreed with me.
     As I was walking up and down the store's aisles, I noticed the same man, pushing a cart with a small boy in it! I think, the wife was there too, because, when I beckoned for him to come, he looked around, as if to make sure that she didn't see him. I asked him: "What kind of help do you need?" He answered that, he needed his wife to have some mental health assessment. I am paraphrasing: his accent was pretty strong, and in the middle of telling me how she almost hit a woman with a car and is a dangerous driver, not caring for their safety, he suddenly walked away. She must've been nearby. I called at him: "We can talk when you call me!" - and that was it.
     I have no idea, if it was a genuine call for help or an attempt to scam me. For now, I don't think, that's important. The point to that whole story for me is: things could be so much worse! It seems like an answer to my earlier bellyaching, doesn't it? 
                                                 Thor+2+define+worse.gif (245×400)


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