Friday, May 2, 2014


     It's late. We had a long. trying day. From the back of the house, from Lera's, my sister's room, come loud sounds.

     Lera is a very talented snorer. There aren't any messy, gurgling noises or ugliness. Just predictable, kind of, like the wood being sawn, snores. She goes to sleep almost immediately after her head hits the pillow, and it's nice to realize that she is able to  rest comfortably in my house.
     Do we have problems? Sure! The first morning after she came from Denmark, I got up about 6, to be able to write in my blog and do some other computer stuff. As I reached the living room, though, I was startled to find her there, already trying to Skype to all her friends and husband in Denmark! She didn't bring her own laptop, apparently, so I am obliged to allow her use mine for as long as she needs it. We also don't watch the same TV programs, and she can't understand a lot of the English. That means that, I keep trying to find something that she'd like to see, but she is picky! Then, even if she is satisfied with what we watch, Lera starts falling asleep in her chair! Since I, most of the time, just go along with her taste in programming, I spend long evenings staring at the things that I am not remotely interested in. 
     When I, finally, get to the computer, Lera, without being able to put her own fingers on the keyboard,  gets very antsy. She starts to unmercifully nudge and spur me to hurry and go out shopping with her, for example. My mental exercise routine (online Scrabble, crosswords, Facebook surfing) is shot to smithereens!
Chickie is partaking of what's left of Lera's McDonald's Sundae
     I love having her here, though! She and I are about the same size, although, I prefer to think that, by now, I am thinner. I lent her one of my cool house dresses for the hot weather(same color and style), and we enjoy seeing a scared look on my husband's face, as he spots us reclining in front of the TV in our double glory!
     She spoils the cats (Chickie thinks that she is his new best friend and Sylvie already had a chance to attack her for the temerity to talk to someone while petting her!
     She says that, she laughs more than ever since she came here. 
Funny hat.

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