Sunday, May 18, 2014


        We turned the house upside down and back!
      Lera came to believe that, if we do some re-shuffling of the furniture in the living room, we'd have better and more comfortable decor. She convinced me, and we began to slowly sort things out and away to move furniture around.
     It took awhile, and with every cleared space or cabinet, more and more debris was left lying around the room. At the darkest moment, it seemed that the house was never cleaned at all!
     It's still dirty. Today the plan was to finish re-decorating by vacuuming. Unfortunately, the side of my foot is pink and achy, and it's up to Lera and Sonny to do everything!
Roberta is our dealer (I'm talking about card game!)
     That happened over a few last days. Lera and I lived following an easy schedule the week before. Roberta taught me to play poker, and now Lera joined our group. I believe that, it's vital for Roberta to use her brains and wits to stay sharp, and poker is great for it. I, myself, think that that game is too easy. There, I said it: easy! Except for the art of bluffing, everything depends, mostly, on luck. When I tried to introduce Roberta to a Russian card game, the Fool, she almost had a conniption from too much thinking. So, poker it is!
     We, probably, played a few hundred games. Otherwise, Lera followed me on different errands. She went to Alameda with me, when I had appointments with Mr. P., and spent time walking around Alameda downtown or a mall, or reading in the library. Last Wednesday, we went together to Al Anon meeting. She takes care of me and pampers me. We went to a crepe cafe and had some amazing concoctions with chicken, mushrooms and spinach.

     With everything that we had to do for re-decorating, I also had to make meals. It took two tuna cans and a lot of fresh vegetables to create lunch. Lera, I and Taka had tuna on a salad bed. Roberta opted for a tuna fish sandwich. Chicken Bone had tuna water from two cans, licked two tuna cans and a couple of plates clean and begged and begged for tuna scraps at the table. I found him looking totally spent in a sunny patch by the window. To tell the truth, I had to check if he was breathing! 
He is so full, he looks like a dead cat.

Poor glutton slept for a few hours, then I saw him on the dining room table, looking for something to eat.



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