Sunday, June 1, 2014


     Why do I think that people from all ends of the Earth would be interested in what's happening in my family and my mind? I don't know. I just have a desire to share with you the events of our lives and what they mean to me!
     Mr. P. says that I catastrophise a lot. Which means that I take things too seriously and create drama in my life. I just think that, we are the kind of humans to whom things happen. Have you ever had to run away from bulls? Were you ever arrested, interrogated, handcuffed and walked under armed guard? I have: by the KGB, the American sheriffs and in Africa, on the border with Sudan (I mean, I had to run from the bulls there and walk under armed guard) . 
     Now, those things (and more) happened a while ago. I wrote                                                          

jpeg (144×90)about a lot of them in this blog, especially, in the posts called The Cities. How has my life been lately?
     Yesterday, I took Roberta and Reina to do some errands. Sonny took Honda and went to meet his friends at the movie theater. We drove around our area, banking and shopping. The day was very warm, and by the time we came home, I felt like I needed a break. I turned on the fan and just plopped myself on the couch to cool down, when the phone rang. The receiver was far away, and I didn't bother to answer it: the machine will pick it up. There was no message, but a thought occurred that Sonny was out there with the car, which prompted me to get up to see, who called. Then my cell phone began to ring. 
     Sonny didn't need me to pick him up yesterday. He had the car! And if he called me, it meant that he and the car were in trouble!
It looks better on this picture than in reality.
     "So, I, kind of, was an a car crash". He said that. My heart almost stopped, but I willed myself to be calm. I asked, if he was alright, and he said that, thank God, he and the other driver were fine. He also said that it was a small fender-bender, but when I came to the scene of the crash (it happened very close to our house), I saw that the hood of the car was hopelessly bent and mushed!
     The Honda stood in the middle of traffic. Sonny talked to a policeman, and a couple more of  them were directing cars to go around the crash area. I crossed over, but by then everything was finished: the other car drove away, the policemen told us that there was nothing for them to do in that matter. We drove home. 
     I still feel shell-shocked, as if I was in that accident. Sonny, who experienced such a thing for the first time in his life, is even more so! I managed to keep his dad off his case last night, and he had a chance to rest and recuperate. 
     Poor kid! The evening before, everything was fine. We talked at
length about some very inspiring topics: whether or  not the mankind can evolve into a socially-responsible society, and how it can happen. Nothing prepared him for the trauma of irrevocably rushing into a car in front of him, hearing the squeal of his own breaks and the metal hitting metal. He told me that the driver of the other car was very upset, but Sonny apologized so many times and, probably, looked so heartbroken, that he (the other driver) began to try to comfort him! 
I can only imagine (from my own experience), what Sonny feels like!
     We watched Avengers last night. It's not my cup of tea, but I wanted Sonny to relax and do something that he liked. Also, Reina said that she liked this type of movies. 
     This morning, Taka woke us up to see a deer in our garden! It was a doe, happily munching on our trees' leaves and buds. She didn't look at all alarmed when we began to peer at her and take pictures from all the doors and windows. Taka had to come really close to her, before she bolted away. 
 You can only see a bit of her here, but it[s the most important
 bit, isn't it?

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