Monday, June 23, 2014


And sleep they did!
Do you see this site: Big Bus Tours of San Francisco?

Sonny purchased tickets online to go see San Fran on a double deck bus.
Next morning - nothing! No tickets or anything in my e-mail; the company, when I called them, didn't even have a record of a transaction!
     Some of us thought that it was for the best, since instead of waking up at, at least, nine o'clock in the morning, my very worthy descendants woke up at twelve, and it took all of my newly found detachment not to make a tragedy out of it.
jpeg (123×186)     We went to a movie! It was a sequel to an animated film, How to Train Your Dragon, and we enjoyed it very much. A couple of things were very touching, and I thought that, a point that the film made about the nature of a true leader was very helpful for young people to see.
     After the movie we went to a Vietnamese Restaurant. I would've taken the kids to eat Japanese food, but our guest from Japan did not want to do it! I was not hungry at all after eating a double scoop of ice-cream at the movies, so it didn't really matter to me, where we went.
Hanah had Pad Thai noodles and Thai Ice tea.
I ordered a vegetarian Vermicelli dish, which looked nice but was not very tasty.

Kids humored me and let me take their picture!

This is a signature Vietnamese dish: Pho Soup.

     It was a nice day. I am still working on not trying to control everything and catastrophizing any seeming misstep. Life is good: there is no need to spoil it by unnecessary whining!                                                                   

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