Monday, June 9, 2014


A few days in pictures...

This lump on the couch is Hanah! Her friend drove her home from Arcata, where they live. The friend slept on another couch and left early in the morning.

Sylvie is usually very suspicious of strangers,

but, for some reason, she chose Hanah's friend, Marissa, as her new best friend.

Chickie, who was, originally, Hanah's cat, for a couple of days absolutely refused to acknowledge her, until I came home and found him just soaking up Hanah's ministrations to him!

He even got up and turned over to let Hanah brush his other side!

We went to Sushi Boat again to celebrate Hanah's return and to treat Marissa to some Japanese food. 


It was fun sitting at the table with all these young people!

That's Sonny, with a piece of sashimi hanging in front of his face from the chopsticks.

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