Monday, June 23, 2014


     I wonder, what do people, the members of the Unification Church who decided to ignore all the disturbing news about the Moon family and discrepancies between the church teachings and lives of it's leadership, - what those people are hoping for?
     I understand: it's very hard to abandon one's ideals that one cherished and defended for a third of the century. It's hard to sever ties with others, whom you might consider friends or, at least, like-minded community. In thirty or so years, one's brain starts auto-correcting one's thinking; and even if you try to change something in your outlook on the world and life, your brain wants to keep to the safe, familiar pathways. 
     It was very hard for me to do all those things. Just trying to stop saying: "True Parents, True Father, True Mother, True Children" about the Moon family - was a real chore. Well, soon after I understood that there is nothing true about Moon children, it became easier to figure out and follow through to other things, like - shouldn't having a Messiah for a father and mother help to avoid making mistakes? I grew up with a usual set of parents, fallen and error-prone as they were. After accepting the church principles, I managed to keep on the straight and narrow, at least avoiding the big sins like adultery, being addicted to drugs, stealing someone else's spouse, stealing church assets for my own gain... Most of the Unification Church members are the same: we can't say that we are saints, but we are not the monsters the Moon kids proved to be! 
     Still, people roll into the church for Sunday Services; they are now getting whipped into frenzy by the leadership, "following in True Father's (Rev. Moon's) footsteps, going on a pilgrimage of the Holy Grounds". Rev. Moon established central  places throughout America and the world to pray. They are, usually, at some beautiful spot on some hill or a mountain. Members have rallies and go visiting those places now, even traveling to other states to do so! 
     Never mind that Mrs. Moon, who is now a head of the church, many times declared that, "we'll be doing things differently now than before", meaning that, while her husband, the Messiah, was alive, the church practices were not up to par. Now that the membership is down and the revenue is down, they need to "inspire" us to higher devotion and better tithing!
DSC06853.JPG (741×494)
Roberta and Bishop A. Stallings, the preacher for the day.
     Last Sunday I had to bring Roberta and Reina to church, to one of such rallies. Roberta agrees with me about the church, but still wants to attend these gatherings. I guess, most of the people there were like her. It was one of the Breakfast Prayer Meetings, and who can resist a free breakfast? Non-UC Christian pastors and laity were there in force, one of them, Bishop George A. Stallings, yelling from the pulpit. Does it make any sense to yell about things like faith, hope, love, revival? Doesn't it just show that the speaker is trying to convince himself that he is right in following Moon's teachings and leading others to do so? 

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