Friday, June 6, 2014


     I took Roberta to a physical therapy appointment yesterday. While she was exercising, I went to a Chinese store nearby. For some reason, all the chopsticks in our home are mismatched, and some absolutely essential (as I was told) condiments, like wasabi and hot chili oil, are missing. That was my chance to correct the situation by throwing some money at it!
     I zigged and zagged along the narrow shop's aisles to my heart's content. It's funny, how necessary  different items, of which you absolutely didn't think before entering the store, become to a shopper's mind! Upon paying for my purchases, I realized that I forgot to buy chopsticks and went back to the shelves, returning to  the register with a few more items!
     Reina attends an English conversation class, and last night I decided to take her there. We had an easy (at least it seemed so to me) talk on the way there. I contacted Mary with whom I usually go to pool to  meet for a cup of coffee, while Reina would be in class. Mary and I resumed our going to the pool: without it I will blow up to my previous weight in no time at all!
     Mary finishes work at 5, so she told me that she'll be at a Jack in the Box by 5:40. I called her at 6, and she was still stuck in traffic. 
     She showed up at 6:20, we talked and laughed for about twenty minutes and then my alarm rang: it was time to pick up Reina. 
     I have a grudge against Mary, as well as against my, so called friends. NONE of them bothered to call or come to help, while I was sick. If I died, they wouldn't even know about it! Well, people don't die from gout, although, they wish they could! 
     But really, what kind of friends would tell you, like Mary did: "You take care of your gout and I'll take care of my family" - and not bother for weeks to find out how I was? I know, I know, Mr. P., I should confront her and tell her exactly how I feel, but then I might lose my pool companion! A-a-a-a-n-d I am too "chicken" to do it! 

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