Tuesday, June 10, 2014


     How is my weight loss going, you ask? It's going, but I don't know, which way!
     I realized that, without some effort on my part to promote the weight loss, I will soon start gaining everything that I managed to lose back, and, as most of you, fellow dieters out there, know, the lost pounds like to bring company, when they come rolling back!
     I called Mary. We used to go to the pool together; then I got sick, and our pool exercises stopped. I am upset with her: she didn't make any attempt to even keep in touch when I was sick, never mind trying to help! But I need an exercise buddy, and she is the only one who wants to do it. 
     We decided to go on Sunday. Taka took kids to Monterey Bay Aquarium, and it was a good time to take care of myself. Mary said that she will bring her youngest son and let him play in a children's room, while we'll be in the pool. 
     What was that saying about men planning and God smiling at that?
     As I drove up to the 24-Hour-Fitness building, I saw Mary and her son emerge from it's doors. Uh-oh!
     24-Hour-Fitness closed children's play rooms in it's cheaper facilities! Mary could not let her boy sit in the car for an hour while we exercised! He couldn't hang by the side of the pool or in the gym either! The only thing left to do was to forget about pool. Or was it?
      I suggested that she should take her son home, and we could meet for a coffee after I finish swimming. Feeling proud of my newly found  determination, but very insecure on my own, I went to the gym by myself.
     The pool area was filled with men! Oh, my God, there were at least 10 of them there! A couple of women were treading water, but they were few and far in between. 
     I, in my modest one piece swim suit, passed the guys sitting on a bench, looking at the pool and, with a grim expression, lowered myself into the water. If they wanted to watch me, it would be to their own detriment!
     Mary did me a favor by not coming! I stuck to my exercises and tried not to look around. The view was not very pleasant, anyway! As someone of a rotund physique, I can't talk about the men's big bellies proudly exposed to the world. I can, however, mention that, not one pair of swim trunks rested where it belonged! I think, I willed myself to go blind for a while, rather than watch hairy ... parts of anatomy ... floating in the water everywhere around me!

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