Wednesday, June 4, 2014


     Not much to tell you about these couple of days. Reina went to an ESL conversation class (Sonny drove her and waited for two hours while she was at the class). He will do it again today. I, mainly, cook all day. It's not difficult, if only the dishes did themselves! As it is right now, the sinks are full, and I am fed up!
     Hanah still didn't contact me about the day or time (or - if) she will come home. I am telling myself that, she is busy packing her stuff and moving it to her new apartment where she will live starting this summer. It's hard to put limits on my desire to see her. It could also be that, it is hard for parents to believe that children, whom they birthed, fed, raised and taught everything, can have an agenda that can keep them from doing parents' bidding as soon as parents desire it to be done. Am I too liberal for my own good? 
     Yes, Sonny drove Reina to her class... He and Taka, when I told him, were shocked that I made Sonny get behind the wheel so soon after the accident. I think, it's better that he realizes that, the driving and the potential accidents are parts of life, and nothing to brood about or use to start doubting oneself. In other words: "Get back on that horse, kiddo!" 

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