Monday, June 30, 2014


     I got used to seeing Hanah sleeping on the couch when I come into the living room. Now she is not there
anymore. Last night we took her to the airport, and she, her teeth chattering from fright, boarded a plane to Las Vegas. She went there to participate in a seminar on stage design. 


Roberta got fed up with sitting at home all the time, and she insisted on accompanying us to the airport. She did her best to keep up, and sometimes even walked faster with her walker than I did! 
     Chickie met us at the door, when we got home. He jumped on the top of the couch and began to meow loudly, as if asking: "Where is she? Where is my human (Hanah)? You took her with you, and now she
disappeared again!" I just tried to comfort him as much as I could. The poor cat didn't leave Hanah's side when she was here, and now he looks very depressed, snuggling alone on the couch.

     We had a very uneventful week before that. Hanah ruled the household, making Sonny do her bidding, as usual. Here he is wearing a dress, helping her alter it. 

 He even made chocolate chip cookies for her with a secret ingredient: bacon! They are very delicious, but seriously undermine Hanah's and mine weight loss!    Hanah had to make a card for her Japanese grandparents, in thanks for the money-gift that the kids received. She painted a picture with a pine tree, the Toyoda crest, on the foreground. She then proceeded to paint a few cards,                                                             

 not sure, what was the best for Grandma and Grandpa, who didn't bother much with keeping in touch with their grandchildren in America. I said: "Just write, what's in your heart, like, "We love you!" But what Sonny replied was true: they don't know their Japanese grandparents, so, how could they love them?

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