Saturday, August 9, 2014


     I got up in a strange mood today.
images (259×195)     Only after about half an hour into washing dishes and cooking breakfast, I realized that it had something to do with a dream that I had just before waking up. Something about Roberta...
     It was no use: the dream melted away, leaving behind a feeling of unease. 
     Then it came back.
     Roberta and I were playing cards. She dealt hands to both of us,
then demanded that we show our bets. After that she began to re-stock her hand again from the card deck! When I pointed out to her that, it was not the correct way to play, she pushed her cards to me, then she also pushed her bet-money at me too and left in frustration.
     Funny dream? Like a Russian proverb says: "A fairy tale is a lie, but it contains a hint: a lesson for a young man!"
images (129×80)     I am not young (or a man), but, I think, I guessed what my subconscious mind (or someone from "the other side") is telling me.
     Roberta since recently has to decide, whether she will go with Park to a new apartment that he rented quite far away from here. I was on her side, when she declared her unwillingness to leave the comfort of my house or familiar area and people. 
images (275×183)     In my dream, she deals the cards (creates her life's circumstances), then pushes the whole situation to me, like if she wanted me to be responsible for the outcome. Then she also pushes her money at me.
     She told me that, she wants to change her life insurance to make me a beneficiary instead of Park. I refused many times, saying that, she should choose her family members for it. Roberta still insists that, she hasn't been in touch with her family for the longest time and doesn't know them anymore. She adds that, if I wanted to, I could share her money with some of her relatives. 
     I find myself in a very strange position. I don't mind getting an inheritance, but feel that in this case I don't deserve it! A-a-a-n-d I am concerned, how it will look to Roberta's relatives, if she leaves her money to me instead of them. 
     In my dream, she pushes her money at me and leaves in frustration. I hope, it will not end up like that in real life!
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