Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Small-kitten-chasing-its-tail-do-not-know-the-cat-will-dizziness-it.gif (369×239)     Nothing much to report here. On Sunday I got ready and went to the pool, thinking to find Mary there. Alas - she was not! I called        her and heard: "Oh, Dina, I forgot! I'll come right away! It's just that I have a dizziness and can't think straight!" I asked her if it was OK for her to drive or go into a cold water pool. She replied that, she wanted to get out of the house anyway, but was not sure, if she should go swimming. I told Mary then that, I'll exercise alone and will meet her later for lunch. The week before Mary treated me for a meal, and now it was my turn.
82974012.jpg (320×220)     W-e-l-l, I did intend to go into the pool, I swear! I undressed (I wear a swimsuit under my dress, you see, when I go to the pool), then walked to the pool and... stopped in my tracks. There were five or six guys there, swimming in all the lanes! A lone elderly lady smiled at me sweetly from under the built into the wall shower. I couldn't! It was just too much for me to pass under the gazes of all those men, get in the water and walk up and down the lanes, bumping at them for the next hour! 
     I went back, changed out of the swimsuit and called Mary. 
jpeg (250×202)     We decided to meet right away, but, as I drove up to the restaurant's plaza, I saw that, there was a small fair going on in a park near it, and the whole shopping plaza around the restaurant was plugged with cars! I called Mary again, - she didn't leave yet (fortunately), and we decided to go to Denny's.
jpeg (300×168)     After all that driving (It took quite a lot of maneuvering to get out of the plaza and get to the Denny's) I felt like I was cooked! We ordered food, blabbed for an hour and then it was time to leave. I looked at the bill... and...Mary thought that I was having a stroke!
   798820.gif (500×250) 
 $44.00 + tip! At Denny's! For two people!
     Before I came to the restaurant, I stopped at the bank and withdrew $40.00. Now I had to pay even more than that with my debit card! When Taka sees this, he will take my head off!
     But, you know, I didn't really have to go to Denny's with Mary. I knew, I had no money. I didn't have to try to get quite as much food to make sure that Mary is satisfied! Codependency is a dog of the female gender!
                                                                                                                                     url-20.gif (500×282)

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