Saturday, August 30, 2014


    Sonny has been unwilling to feed Goldie, the stray cat, the food that he buys for our cats. It's a very good brand, designed to keep the cats' digestion and immune system healthy. I bought her some cheaper food. 
     Unfortunately, as it is often with the humans, my cats are ravenous for the cheaper and, probably, tastier food now!  
     I offered some of it to Sylvie. She is a girl and, most of the time, behaves appropriately, moreover, she, usually, doesn't like to eat from a hand. In other words, she prefers us to put her food down on the floor or into a bowl. This time, she inhaled the little morsels out of my palm and even bit me in the process! She would take a piece and shake it, like the cats do with their live prey. 
     Chickie, or, as I affectionately refer to him, "the walking stomach", never was too particular, what he eats or how. If Sylvie acted so greedily, he was downright frightening! As soon as I doled out some food to Goldie on a top step of the porch,  he began to scan the air near the screen door for that delicious smell, which he could not identify. When he realized that, Goldie now has the food that he likes better (my cats, of course, might be just interested in it because its something different), he subjected the screen and me to a very rough treatment, demanding fair pay for his job of lying around all day and messing up the house to the best of his abilities. 
     He tried to open the screen, getting his claws stuck in it half a dozen times. He meowed and hopped on and off of me, licking me and rubbing me and making a total nuisance of himself. When I let him have a few pieces of new food in my hand, he gobbled it up and bit me a lot harder than Sylvie did!
     It was clear that, we had to hide the bag with food much better than we usually do it. I put most of it into a plastic container with a little hatch in the lid that can open and close. 

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