Thursday, August 28, 2014


     General and I talked into the late evening. He paced the room at first, and I sat, not sure, how this conversation should begin.
     "Do you know, how my wife died?" - the man asked suddenly. "She was shopping, when the Americans and the Japanese almost simultaneously sent their missiles at each other. I was on the other side of the world then, preparing a small country to be taken over by the Japanese corporations. Fortunately, Aishi was visiting a friend in Europe at that time. I could not bury my wife. All that's left of my country is burnt earth and ruins."
     The General looked out of the window, where my sons and Aishi were sitting by Midori and watching her gnaw at a giant bone. The boys learned quickly enough not to stick their hands or faces near Midori's food: she could easily get a notion, they tried to take it away. Aishi didn't know it yet. He put his hand on Midori's flank, no doubt, wanting to pet her. Dular and Amur pulled him away just in time to escape clicking, razor sharp incisors. Midori wrinkled her upper lip and nose and growled a blood-curdling warning, then resumed her snack.
     Yokoyama sighed. "You see, how quickly this mad idea of yours can turn deadly?" - he asked.
     I was also watching the children. "Do you know, General, how my husband died?"
     "Dani was in Japan, when the bombs fell. I talked to him the night before, and we laughed a lot about the kids' pranks. I never heard his laughter again. He is somewhere, in that same bunt earth as your wife".
     I got up, went to the General and took his hand. He pulled it away: "Stop that! Sawanni told me how you can brainwash people just by touching them! I won't be coerced!"
     I stepped back. "My children are the ones who can do this. I simply want to show you, we are not a threat! What's happening with the rape of the Earth and its cultures simply can not continue! Soon, there will be nothing left to live for!"

To Be Continued

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