Monday, August 4, 2014


5f6284b2481eb761bd364371a7a26624.gif (353×200)     Oh, well, another day - another piece of food stolen by Chickie! This time, he got into the chicken. Left half of a piece smeared all over the floor. Just wait, you old man, I'll get you!
     "Guess who came to visit me today?" - Roberta asked. I answered, with a sour face: "Dr. Park?" 
     Yes, it was he. He lived with some people that we know, but now, it turned out, he rented a room! 
tumblr_mhk3yf9mxE1s1mhcro1_500.gif (500×281)     "He said: when we go to live there, I will help him earn money by teaching English. I don't want to teach, I can lose my pension doing that! I want to stay here, I am comfortable here!"
     She doesn't want to go with him. I agree: he'll eat her alive with his demands for money and unquestioning adoration. But does she have guts to tell him that she will not follow him?
     I spend a lot of time with Roberta. I don't just cook and clean for her and take her to appointments. Two or three times a day, for example, she shuffles the cards and looks at me invitingly. We play and laugh. She shuffles and deals and tries to figure the best way to use her cards. That way she uses her brain and hands and
keeps the blues and dementia away. She shares with me about her life, - lies a little, - but lately I noticed that, she became more truthful. 
     I get paid for taking care of her. I will be sorry to lose that money, but if she decides to leave - what can I do? I will be sorry to lose a pal too, because she provides an ear for my whining and remembrances and, time to time, a wise advice.
     We talked. Since she says that she doesn't want to go with Park, I said that she needs support and not just from me. She called our church pastor, and he is coming to my house tomorrow to talk to Roberta. 
                S-o-n-n-y, get up and start cleaning!!!!

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