Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The cats are lazy and get off their butts only to go check, what someone is eating or move to a new place to nap. People in my house do the same.
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 Reina is choosing a school where she will enrol in the fall of this year. She'll go to Japan, get her student visa and come back to study. We found one place for her, and already got an application to fill out, but my niece stayed in her room until 2 today. She came out then and we finished her application. I just pray that, everything will go right with her schooling: it would be too embarrassing if we mix something up, and she'll end up losing money and not being able to go to school!
      Sonny stayed in bed 'til 4:30 in the afternoon, then came out and, full of noble intentions, asked me, what chores he should do today. Then he sat down and began to tell me about some videos that he watched!
     Roberta came out of her room and said, handing me $5.00: "I need a comb! Dr. Park took all my combs!"
     I raided our own bathroom, but didn't find a comb suitable for Roberta's "cotton-candy" hair. It's not in my character to give up on such low-intensity quests, so I continued to search, until I found a small, but sturdy green comb and took it to Roberta's hair.
tumblr_ll1gc8xGcS1qf2m0m.gif (499×274)     She recently had a "wash and set"; the key word being "set", since after all the hair spray with which a lady-beautician doused her, I could hardly pull the comb through the sticky, fine, white web on Roberta's head. She is a tough cookie, though, and didn't complain at all! As a result of my ministrations, Roberta ended up looking like one of the America's Founding Fathers!
      Despite my pessimistic outlook, Sonny finished his chores, took $5.00 and went to look for a comb. I found one just then and called him to relay Roberta's words: "Don't need a comb, but us some candy!"
She doesn't look all that bad, after all!


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