Sunday, August 10, 2014


The vet called and said that, Chickie's tests came back negative for any other organs' problems than his heart. 

He, mostly, looks good. Yesterday he tried to jump on top of the flat TV, fell over and ran out of there like crazy (probably, from embarrassment!). He steals food and pesters me for attention.

Here Sonny and Roberta try to convince him to behave better.

Reina made some friends at her English class. They go together for picnics. 
This time they decided to play volleyball at the park, and Reina tried to pull out our ball from the closet. There are quite a few things blocking the closet door, but she is a very determined girl, although I heard some more of the Japanese grunts: "Urrgh! Rakh! Arrrgh!"

Here she is trying to avoid having her picture taken by me.

Talking about a ball: the proverbial one is now in Roberta's corner. Is she going to tell Park that, she is not going to go with him to the apartment which he rented? I hope, that doesn't happen after he goes into some expense, furnishing the apartment for her! He'll be one hundred times more mad then!


The little orange and white, outside kitty, whom we named Goldie (Sylvie, Goldie - do you follow the logic?) began to visit us again. This time she comes and sits right on the top of a little porch, looking into the glass door expectantly. She has a scarred, suffering face. She started to come more often than before, and I suspect that she is with kittens. 

I put a box on the porch, with some newspapers and a towel for comfort, but she is not getting a hint yet, except to nibble at some food!

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