Friday, August 22, 2014


jpeg (274×184)To allow Reina see something that was typically American, today we took her to Sonic.

What's special about this fast food restaurant is that, you park by the menu and order food through a speaker. A waiter rides up to your car on roller blades to bring you your food!

Sonny was in a bad mood. 

He kept repeating to me: "This is all your fault!" The fact that he parked badly and scraped the menu board with our car's mirror when it was time to leave, as well as me making everyone come out of the car to eat at the picnic tables, where the wind blew paper napkins and bags away (too different from the calm, familiar environment of his room, where he spends 99% of his time) - all of that was MY FAULT!

Sonic is famous for it's shakes, so Reina and Sonny enjoyed them very much!

I couldn't get a good picture of a waiter rollerblading,

but here are his feet in roller 
I think, I took too long to get the food, so even Roberta was feeling testy. After she ate her cheeseburger though, she became in a better mood.

Here she is telling our waiter that, in 1950 (!) she worked at a place in Sacramento, waitressing on the rollerblades too!

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