Saturday, August 30, 2014


     To continue the story about Chickie and the other food...
     I think, it's a very good addition to Chickie's life. Now he has a new purpose: to open the box with the tasty stuff or get us to do it. 
     He tried the petulant teenager approach. Since I didn't give him enough of the new food, he got into a cupboard where we keep some treats for cats. As I heard the scratching and the thuds of the objects from the cupboard on the floor, I hurried there. He managed to open one door and was in the process of dumping everything out. 
     stop-cat-spraying-urine-800x800.jpg (266×200)
A stream of water from my spray bottle hit him right between the eyes! He tried to sneak by me, but I was mad enough to continue my assault. That cat got really wet!
     You would think that, that would be a good reason to stop. Not for Chickie: I had to run to the dining room, armed with a spray bottle a few more times. 
     Hanah used to tell me to punish cats only right after they did something wrong, because, as she wanted me to believe, they have a bad memory. Well, how do you account for Chickie remembering about the place, where we keep treats? He didn't see them for at least a week! My opinion is that, he either burgled the cupboard because the taste of the new food reminded him of the treats, or he wanted to get my attention!
     My kids think that, they know everything better than I do. W-e-e-l-l!
     Last night I hid the container with new food by putting it next to my feet by the couch. As Sonny and I were watching TV, I heard a thud. 
     - "Wha?!"
     As soon as I understood that I pushed the container and it fell down, I glanced at Chickie. He was sitting at the place where he last saw the container, no doubt, still pining for it. 
     Sonny, who always tells me that, I make cats out to be too much like humans, was rolling on the floor, laughing, because the expression on Chikie's furry  face was: "Aha! I gotcha! It's that food
Chikie looking like he doesn't have any legs.
container!" It was priceless in it's likeness to what a human would look like in this situation!~


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