Monday, August 25, 2014


I'll start at the end:

The airport was busily buzzing. Reina checked in her luggage, we tore Roberta away from a conversation she struck with a perfect stranger from China and went to get some lunch at the food court. It seemed difficult to believe, that soon Reina will be miles away from us in the air! And soon she was off...

Last night, I insisted that we'd go out to properly say goodbye to Reina. 
logo2.png (185×166)         Wait, what?! No, we didn't fly to Africa!

     We went to the Elephant Bar Restaurant. It's an interesting place, offering some good (some - not so good) dishes, allegedly, from different countries of the world. The elephant is in the lobby of the restaurant, and makes a striking impression.

We all had a good time, waiting for our food. Reina and Roberta really seemed to hit it off.


Sonny warmed up to our adventure. 


I was cross with Taka. It looks like every time I think that we are getting closer together, he shoots me down with his insensitive and, let's face it, unloving attitude. 
He felt that something was off (that's an improvement from the past, though!) and tried to act a little bit more attentively, than usually, but you can see the wry expression on his face, giving away his real thoughts.

Taka, actually, started by saying that his mouth was sore, and he could only eat soft food. I offered a few suggestions, such as salmon and mashed potatoes. Guess, what he chose?
jpeg (275×183)

Yep, tri-tip steak! 


We took a picture in front of the elephant before leaving the restaurant. I didn't let small things, like a niggling husband, spoil my mood!

As we walked into the house, both cats were at the door to greet us. Later on, as I was sitting by the laptop, writing a post, I saw some large-ish animal pass by the glass door! A racoon? No, it looked like a cat. I am used to Goldie, who is on a small side, coming around, so that feline looked pretty big in comparison!             

Chickie, who, especially, lately, hardly deigns to leave a comfortable cushion or pay attention to anything,                                                              


that Chikie, strolled across our backyard, like a lion-king! Fortunately, I knew a sure way to get him: I smacked my lips, as when I offer him some food, and the poor glutton ran to me with his tail held high in a hope for a nice meal.
But, as I picked him up and held him to myself, a thought occurred: "What if this is not Chicken Bone, but some other cat of the same coloring? He does seem a little fatter and fluffier than Chickie!" Oh, Heavenly God, what if Chickie will stroll to me right now, and I am holding this strange cat in my hands?!
"Sonny! Sonny!! S-o-o-o-n-y!!!"
I finally heard my 19 year old son's grouchy answer: "Wha-a-t?"
I kept feeling the cat up, and he, obviously, felt that, I was being inappropriate. Sonny came into the living room. "Is this Chickie?" - I asked him faintly. He, probably, thought that, I lost my few remaining marbles. I told him about the reasons for my doubt. By that time, the cat was already by his food bowl. Every time I said "Chickie", he glanced at me (looking quite annoyed after a few times), so we understood that, -yes, - it was he! 
I eyed him warily all through the evening, but since no other gray-black tabby appeared in our livingroom, I accepted the truth: I need more therapy!

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