Wednesday, July 30, 2014


tumblr_ml55n2CaOt1s199fdo1_500.gif (440×353)     An update on Chickie: he is fine! That same day after our glorious flight to the animal clinic, free from a piece of bone in his gum, he began to beg for people's food. 
580736_original.gif (226×400)The next morning I found a dish with baked salmon, which was left on a kitchen counter,lying upside down on the floor, next to about one fifth of the salmon left uneaten. 
        I feel sorry for him, so this time he got away with the theft!
     He spends more time asking to be petted and scratched , than before. In people's years he is already about eighty years old, but when he climbs into my arms, I feel like he is a small baby. 
     We didn't hear from the vet yet concerning the results of the blood tests. I am very apprehensive about it: I have no idea, how much the medicine and necessary procedures will cost, and whether we can handle it all. 
     My sister left a comment to my previous blog. She wrote: "Poor Chickie and poor your wallet!" I think, that says it all!

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