Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hanah was leaving! She spent a couple of days packing her staff that was strewn around our living room. I think, Chickie felt something, because he began meeting us at the door every time we came home and meow piteously, demanding to see that Hanah, his human, was still here
On the day of Hanah's departure, I picked Reina from her class, and we went to have a last lunch together. I, finally, decided to go to the restaurant where Mary's husband works as a chef. She told me, where it was, and I thought that it would be easy to find the place. I should've known better! 
We drove around and round that area for about an hour! Five bucks (I crossed a Toll bridge) and a quarter of a tank of fuel later, right after we decided to just go to another Japanese restaurant, I stumbled upon the place by accident!

Mary's husband was off that day.  We ordered our food.                                                 

It was fine, but not worth all the trouble it took to get there!

The freeway was packed on the way to Oakland. We were lucky that we left early. The Greyhound station was also packed.
We read books; Hanah and Sonny horsed around.
Soon it was time to get in line to await the coming bus.

One more picture, and Hanah went.
When we got home, Chickie was there to greet us. "Where is she?!" - his meows were getting desperate. "You took her away, and she disappeared again!"
Poor cat, he is getting tired of Hanah leaving him behind!
Dad told me many times of how, when they went to Copenhagen to meet my sister for the first time in five years, mom couldn't stop herself from repeating, once they got off the plane: "Where is my dorrah (daughter), where is my dorrah?!!" I laughed at her then, but now I am not laughing anymore: "Where is my dorrah?!!"

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