Saturday, July 5, 2014


portal+%282%29.gif (400×400)     It's been a few days without me writing anything. I am busy cooking, chauffeuring people around and trying not to do dishes. I have a feeling that, there is a portal into another dimension over my sink, and they, whoever they are in other dimensions, are sending their dishes for me to do. They take clean dishes back then, because, when I need it, I can't find one clean utensil or a dish!
     Yesterday was the 4th of July, the American Independence Day, for those of my readers outside the U.S. I did a lot of driving and cooking, but, otherwise, it was a quiet day here. That is, until the fireworks' fanatics began to blow things up! It sounded like a battle was raging all throughout our small area! The ambulances' and the firetrucks' sirens added to the ambience, and we and the cats sat, wild-eyed, on the couches, looking at how a huge firetruck was trying to squeeze itself into a tiny alley just behind our fence. It's a dead-end street, so the firetruck - and the ambulance and the police car that followed it - had to back out of there after finishing their business, scraping our fence in the process! 
images (259×194)
Moon pie. Two graham cracker layers
with marshmallow in the middle
and chocolate coating outside were not enough.
Crazy people also deep-fried it in some batter
and dusted it with powder sugar!
     We sent Sonny and my niece, Reina, to the Alameda County Fair, to watch fireworks close by. They also went on some rides and ate exotic fair foods, like deep-fried moon pie! 

     Fireworks.gif (320×240)

giphy.gif (500×250)
Sorry, Reina doesn't like me to take her pictures.
     In the morning I asked Reina over breakfast, how she liked the fair. She crinkled her eyes prettily, blew on rice - "Atsui (hot)!" - covered her smile with a cute, little hand and said: "I liked it! It was so big! I just thought that, it was very American!" I should think so: it was the 4th of July celebration!
     I wrote two versions of a post for Mr. P.'s blog, and now am waiting in a kind of a limbo, what he will say. To tell the truth, I don't really feel satisfied with what I wrote. I would like to re-write it, but, - too late! - he already called to say that he will edit and post it in his blog. You are welcome to read it there, although, I already posted it, and you might've read it here, in my blog. Anyway: his blog's name is An Attitude of Gratitude. It's very popular and worth reading even without my part in it. I wouldn't want to lose you to my shrink, though!

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