Monday, July 7, 2014


Hanah is back on her couch, and Chickie is keeping her company again, after a brief show of indignation for leaving him behind when she went to Vegas. 
Last night we noticed that he was nosing inside Hanah's small suitcase. His whole demeanor showed that he was very much into something in there. Hanah went to investigate and found, what else: her sock!
Chickie couldn't get enough of it! We bought  toys for him before, but he never played with them. Now, Hanah's fragrant sock made him ecstatic! 


The crazy cat rolled around, hugging it one moment and bunny-kicking it the next. He rubbed himself on it and made a complete fool of himself!
Chickie is somewhat of a drug-addict. No, really, he goes bananas for the smell of bleach, for example, or tries to drink Hanah's paint. Those things make him high, and he acts like an idiot. 
Last night, just as I figured out how to take a video of his escapade with my small camera, Chickie suddenly sobered up. He sat there, not reacting to Sonny waving a sock in front of him (to help me take a video). The look on his face said: "I did it again! I embarrassed myself again in front of the humans!" Soon after, he fell asleep, like he was completely drained by his little display.

Today Sylvie laid claim to the suitcase.

Chickie tried to intimidate her into leaving it, 
but Sylvie's impressive growling, accompanied with hissing, snorting and spitting, stopped him in his tracks. 
She made a show of proprietorship over the suitcase,


then looked at me, as if asking: "Any more questions?!" and went away, promptly putting the suitcase out of her mind.

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